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Step 1

Select Your Sealed I/O Cable System Interface

Samtec Sealed I/O Solutions: Give a few simple inputs and we'll return the best possible end-to-end solutions for your applications.

Sealed Bayonet Circulars

Sealed Bayonet Circulars
  • Extreme variety of pin count and cable gauge
  • Highly Reliable clip shell contacts
  • Three Shell Sizes: 12mm, 16mm, and 22mm
  • Bayonet Style Locks

Sealed Threaded Circulars

Sealed Threaded Circulars
  • Multiple Interfaces: USB and Ethernet
  • Cable to Panel and Panel to Board orientations
  • Threaded Style locks

Sealed Rectangular

Sealed Rectangular
  • Multiple interfaces: USB, Ethernet, and Pin/Socket
  • Ideal for small form factor and low profile applications
  • Audible Click positive latching

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